Lost in the Maelstrom? Reclaiming the Narrative as an Engaged Citizen

If the headlines appear to us as a maelstrom of disparate troubles, then we are missing the broader narrative: our efforts to control the present are distractions from the need to work with the future. As we complain about others, we are failing to acknowledge a powerful protagonist: we as a engaged citizens. We complain… Continue reading Lost in the Maelstrom? Reclaiming the Narrative as an Engaged Citizen

Book Review: Curating the Future

Editors: Jennifer Newell, Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner, Routledge: 2019. Environmental Humanities Series Such an exciting, encouraging book! What we all see and read as climate watchers is overwhelming, yet we frequently find positive work that defends us against the frightening aspects. I am seriously concerned and extremely hopeful on climate climate. This was reinforced… Continue reading Book Review: Curating the Future

Part of the Solutions, Not of the Crowd

There's a lot of fossilized money. It comes to museums from companies and from individual owners and investors. Much of it was earned by those who had a full understanding of the devastating climate changes being created by the use of fossil fuels. Think Exxon and British Petroleum but also individuals. Many of those individuals… Continue reading Part of the Solutions, Not of the Crowd