Cultural Institutions Lead on Climate Action

By Sarah Sutton & Jessie Lund  Note: This information shared during a joint webinar by Sustainable Museums and America's Pledge on May 12, 2020. If you would like to watch a recording, you can do so here. At a time when good news is hard to find, cultural institutions across the country have been leading by example, coming to the aid of their neighbors and… Continue reading Cultural Institutions Lead on Climate Action

Lost in the Maelstrom? Reclaiming the Narrative as an Engaged Citizen

If the headlines appear to us as a maelstrom of disparate troubles, then we are missing the broader narrative: our efforts to control the present are distractions from the need to work with the future. As we complain about others, we are failing to acknowledge a powerful protagonist: we as a engaged citizens. We complain… Continue reading Lost in the Maelstrom? Reclaiming the Narrative as an Engaged Citizen

Save Our Water Summit 2019

Last week I attended a cross-sector event highlighting the progress made in Southwest Florida this last year on water systems health and water quality. It was led by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. President & CEO Rob Moher explained it all perfectly: “This isn’t just for the professionals in the room.  This was really designed… Continue reading Save Our Water Summit 2019