The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Practice, 2nd Edition

Figures and Tables

1. The Idea
2. The Metrics
3. The Options
4. The Message
5. The Money
6. The Journey

About the Authors

Kudos on the second edition of The Green Museum, a pioneering book on creating meaningful sustainability. Packed with even more information and case studies, Brophy and Wylie are expert guides to a greener path.

— Kate Davies, Founding Chair (2006-2008), Green Museums Initiative, California Association of Museums

The Green Museum is a must-have comprehensive guide, filled with examples and resources for anyone in a position to bring positive change to a museum, zoo, aquarium, recreational park or educational facility. An essential read, not only for sustainability coordinators or facility managers, but for environmental educators, interpreters, designers and curators. The updates in this second edition make this book relevant in the fast changing world of green technology standards and certification.

— Jose Marcos-Iga, president of the North American Association for Environmental Education