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Save Our Water Summit 2019

Last week I attended a cross-sector event highlighting the progress made in Southwest Florida this last year on water systems health and water quality. It was led by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. President & CEO Rob Moher explained it all perfectly: “This isn’t just for the professionals in the room.  This was really designed… Continue reading Save Our Water Summit 2019

Book Review: Curating the Future

Editors: Jennifer Newell, Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner, Routledge: 2019. Environmental Humanities Series Such an exciting, encouraging book! What we all see and read as climate watchers is overwhelming, yet we frequently find positive work that defends us against the frightening aspects. I am seriously concerned and extremely hopeful on climate climate. This was reinforced… Continue reading Book Review: Curating the Future

Part of the Solutions, Not of the Crowd

There's a lot of fossilized money. It comes to museums from companies and from individual owners and investors. Much of it was earned by those who had a full understanding of the devastating climate changes being created by the use of fossil fuels. Think Exxon and British Petroleum but also individuals. Many of those individuals… Continue reading Part of the Solutions, Not of the Crowd

Is Your Cultural Institution Wavering on its Climate Change Stance?

Health, peace, and education are the foundations for inclusion, equity, and access, all of which foster diverse organizations and communities. These are the building blocks of healthy societies. Those building blocks depend upon a clean, stable, and healthy planet. That healthy planet is critical for creating the society we want, and the society we already… Continue reading Is Your Cultural Institution Wavering on its Climate Change Stance?

Sustainability & Historic House Museums

Early in February, 60+ museum professionals met in Miami, Florida, for a joint summit, Sustainability: Governance, Relevance, and the Environment. Their hosts were Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and two of AAM's professional networks: Historic Houses and Sites Network and Environment & Climate Network. Gardens at Vizcaya - careful and regular pruning helps protect trees from storm… Continue reading Sustainability & Historic House Museums

Planning a Lifecycle Assessment Library for Cultural Heritage Professionals

During 2017 and 2018 I had the pleasure of working with three other Principal Investigators to explore how/if to create a Life Cycle Assessment Library for the materials and processes that cultural heritage professionals use in their daily practice. Sarah Nunberg, a private conservator; Eric Pourchot of FAIC; and Matthew Eckelman an engineering professor at… Continue reading Planning a Lifecycle Assessment Library for Cultural Heritage Professionals

A Finer Future: creating an economy in service to life

By L. Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, Anders Wijkman and John Fullerton.  New Society Publishers, 2018 Last fall my e-feed brought me Second Nature’s invitation for an upcoming webinar with L Hunter Lovins about this new book. I was fresh from attending the Global Climate Action Summit and eager to learn more from the leadership of… Continue reading A Finer Future: creating an economy in service to life