Welcome to the Future

Museums as Key Partners on Climate Change and Environment

Aloha, I’m Sarah Sutton. I work with cultural institutions changing their climate and environmental impacts on behalf of the World’s communities. I have worked in the museum field for 30+ years. I live in Tacoma, Washington, in the United States and work wherever needed. In alignment with my work as Principal of Sustainable Museums, I am the Cultural Sector Lead for We Are Still In; I teach in the Harvard Extension School Museum Studies Program; and I am a consultant for the Detroit Zoo and other museums and institutions interested in leading and modeling environmental practice. I frequently prepare and participate in NEH Sustaining Cultural Heritage program grants.

Each of us has a responsibility and opportunity to advance environmental sustainability and climate action personally and professionally. I work to make sure institutions and individuals understand their responsibility, ability, and opportunity to reduce their impacts and improve conditions in the World for themselves, their collections, their communities, and the future of those who depend upon us to create change now.

These are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the World. Each of these contributes to the well-being of all life on this planet as we know it.

Please reach out to me at sarah@sustainablemuseums.net whether your question is about how to sign on to We Are Still In, find advice, or participate with AASLH’s environment and sustainability committee. I can also be reached at 978-505-4515.