COVID-19 + Climate = Change

How the cultural sector is learning to build back better-prepared to fight the climate crisis.

As we respond to community needs in various ways, many of us are finding ourselves doing the unexpected: hosting a blood bank, offering our PPE, and turning ornamental gardens into food back beds. Is your museum? Tell us how you’re going beyond online education and into new territory. Share how your are uncovering your community’s needs, and responding.

May 15: The staff at WAshington State Historical Society added to our list – we’re now over 100 just for PPE, with a great variety of other outreach even beyond education and rapid-response collecting. We’re not done yet; please keep adding your contributions

May 4: The staff at Association of Art Museum Directors added 30+ art museums to the spreadsheet (link below) listing museums donating PPE and other materials and services to the COVID fight! Great work.

April 17: Contributions spreadsheet goes public. Please add your institution and the work you’ve done for your community.

April 10: Article in Grist Magazine: How to help your neighbors when a pandemic hits? Exhibit A: Museums.