Asking for 50% or better by 2030 for the US Nationally Determined Contribution

Leaders in the US cultural sector have called for the Biden-Harris Administration to set a courageous commitment to reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, a goal that reflects the urgency of the situation and the responsibility of the nation.

The Administration’s “whole-of-government” approach reflects the systemic nature of the challenge and aligning a “whole-of-society” approach that includes engagement of the civic sector including museums, zoos, gardens, aquariums, historic sites and cultural landscapes.

“An ambitious commitment to the goals of the Paris Agreement is critical for building a just, healthy world where all can thrive. That level of climate ambition requires all of us to participate. The cultural sector must not be  overlooked as an asset and an ally in combating climate change. As charitable, educational and community-focused institutions, museums have a responsibility to not only limit the impact of their energy-intensive buildings and operations, but to use their research, education, and communication skills to engage the public in building climate action that supports beneficial and equitable outcomes for us all.”

As this call and movement expands, you can sign on here.

See how NDCs support the 2030 Agenda here.

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