Articles: Mine, Yours, Others’

The New York Times on The Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018. The Cultural Institutions sector joined the We Are Still In coalition in April 2018. Representatives from California Academy of Sciences, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Field Museum, Vizcaya Museums & Gardens, and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership participated.

My “Community Voices” piece for Honolulu’s Civil Beat  September 2018.

Curator: The Museum Journal, 2017  “Museums and the Future of a Healthy World: ‘Just, Verdant and Peaceful'”  By Sarah W. Sutton, Elizabeth Wylie, Beka Economopoulos, Carter O’Brien, Stephanie Shapiro, Shengyin Xu        Museums’ role in environmental sustainability in support of a healthy world for all “Any museum can contribute to improving conditions in its own neighborhood, city, country and the world. Together these efforts build capacity for continued change, and they build greater positive impact. What will your change be?” Read more.

Art World, 2017  “Extreme Weather Is Threatening Museums Around the Globe. Here’s What They’re Doing About It.”