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Grist mentions in “The Art of Oil,” December 2019

Art New England mention in “Keeping History Above Water” May/June 2019

One of these funding sources could be environmental reparation funds, which museum sustainability consultant Sarah Sutton indicates may be significant for museums in the future. ‘I anticipate a stunning wealth exchange between environmental violators and environmental support institutions in the next fifteen years,’ she wrote in a blog post. The court ruling that forced Volkswagen to pay reparations to state trust funds for circumventing emission control systems is an example. ‘Museums might be eligible to attract funding on behalf of their communities if their activities align with the goals of specific awards,’ according to Sutton. For museums, Sutton tells us, “the future is climate.”

“The Importance of Museum Facilities Managers to the Paris Agreement” with Emily Johnson and Joyce Lee, in Papyrus, April 2019.

AASLH Task Force. Published 4.17.2019

Museums and the Art of Environment by Lauren Styx includes my comments on We Are Still In. Published 1/30/2019 at MuseumNext

The Future is Climate, my blogpost for the Center for the Future of Museums with a few conclusions from the Global Climate Action Summit during September. They are:

1) A stunning transfer of wealth over environmental issues  – the cultural institutions field should prepare to be part of that process.
2) The need for a Climate Corps or National Climate Service that goes beyond what the Corporation for National Community Service offers.
3) The need to map the cultural sector’s current practice, needs, and opportunities for environmental sustainability and climate action. This is how we know what is best to do now and next, and how we make the case for support.

The Green Cube, a feature piece in Canadian Art magazine. This is a thoughtful and thorough piece on current sustainability practices in art museums – with comments from folks in Canada and the US.

The New York Times on The Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018. The Cultural Institutions sector joined the We Are Still In coalition in April 2018. Representatives from California Academy of Sciences, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Field Museum, Vizcaya Museums & Gardens, and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership participated.

My “Community Voices” piece for Honolulu’s Civil Beat  September 2018.

Curator: The Museum Journal, 2017  “Museums and the Future of a Healthy World: ‘Just, Verdant and Peaceful'”  By Sarah W. Sutton, Elizabeth Wylie, Beka Economopoulos, Carter O’Brien, Stephanie Shapiro, Shengyin Xu        Museums’ role in environmental sustainability in support of a healthy world for all “Any museum can contribute to improving conditions in its own neighborhood, city, country and the world. Together these efforts build capacity for continued change, and they build greater positive impact. What will your change be?” Read more.

Art World, 2017  “Extreme Weather Is Threatening Museums Around the Globe. Here’s What They’re Doing About It.”