Losing George, and a Species

“George, the last known Achatinella apexfulva died on New Year’s Day 2019. George was approximately 14 years old. He is survived by none….”

George, Achitanella apexfulva, courtesy DNLR for original post

Not quite two years ago I met George. On the first of January this year the world lost George.

Here’s a link to the post on George’s story. David Shischo, who graciously introduced me to George is a #climatehero. He is the Snail Extinction Prevention Program Coordinator at Hawaii DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources). I met him through another #climatehero Norine W. Yeung, PhD – Malacology Researcher at the Bishop Museum whom I met after attending the conference of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature just after I arrived on Oahu.

Their research and cooperation continues on many fronts, and their work to find, document, study, nurture, and reintroduce Hawaiian land snails is invaluable to biodiversity, cultural and natural heritage, and understanding life on this planet. Mahalo to them both.

I am sorry for our loss.

Courtesy Bishop Museum for original post.

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