We Are Still In

On June 1, 2017 #MuseumsforParis was born in response to the United States announcement of the planned withdrawal from the US from the Paris Agreement. Other sectors felt as I did: this work is important; we will continue with or without federal leadership.

A year later, #MuseumsforParis is part of  We Are Still In, the largest coalition of non-state actors working together to address climate change — and showing the world We Are Still In the Paris Agreement.

Time to Step Up

You (every one of you) have a role in making the world a healthier, more just place to live for everyone. That includes education, equality, culture, science, art, environment, ocean, land, and air – and all the beings in it. Your missions support some parts of all this work. Doing this work helps you do your traditional work better, I promise.

Have a look at the commitments other members of the Cultural Institutions sector are making at We Are Still In. Then consider which of those you also can do, and what you might add to this work. Then sign on.

If you want to talk with me about your participation, please, please call. I’d so enjoy speaking with you, learning what you’re doing, and thinking about how you can do it and do more.  978-505-4515  sarah@sustainablemuseums.net

Thank you. Mahalo.

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