2018 Carbon Footprint Calculations

UNFCCC_ClimateNeutralNow_Logo_colourAs a signatory of Climate Neutral Now, I have completed my carbon footprint assessment and purchased offsets for the balance of train and car travel, and the paper and product purchases I make (including postage).

I used the Carbon Fund’s business carbon calculator for hotel, shipping, and supplies. I found its air travel calculations to be too inexact and instead use the carbon calculator at Climate Neutral Now for this, the most significant part of my carbon footprint.

My business carbon footprint is estimated generously at 20.36 tons annually. I have made purchases for 21 tons of offsets.

To limit my carbon footprint I

  • purchase solar power through a time-of-use agreement with my provider. The time of use coincides with my work hours (avoiding 4.83 tons of carbon)
  • use only Lyft for surface transport in cities since they carbon offset is part of the service
  • nearly always chain or share trips by air or car
  • telecommute most of the time
  • maximize results or engagement with every trip for increased impact through multiple tasks and meetings, and learning and adventure
  • always select the green choice in hotel services, and select AirBnB locations wherever possible, and the most sustainable providers
  • choose passive heating and cooling, and seasonal dressing to remain comfortable
  • choose Energy Star equipment and use energy-saving modes
  • limit my materials use but do still print some items (double-sided)
  • do use post-it notes for efficiency but re-use paper pieces for longer notes
  • recycle printer cartridges and paper
  • and buy local coffee and compost my coffee grounds